Our ethos at Oasis is always to focus on the highest quality in everything we do. We make sure that we only employ technicians with the necessary qualifications, extensive knowledge and experience, and a really professional attitude. What’s more, we only install equipment that we know has a reputation for being high quality and reliable. Quite simply, we aim to deliver a better service / product than anyone else.

Sometimes we lose out on opportunities due to this ethos because it means we’re not always going to be the cheapest option available. We’re not the most expensive either…we aim to deliver the best value.

There are still those who don’t fully appreciate that choosing mechanical equipment – particularly when it comes to air conditioning and heating – is a bit like choosing a car. If you go for the cheapest option, then the chances are that you will get the worst quality equipment which will lead to an inefficient system that brings all sorts of costly problems further down the line.

Most of us in the industrialised world don’t buy the cheapest car on the market.
Whilst the look and feel of the car will play a part in the purchasing decision, so will the reliability and quality of the engineering. By and large, you get what you pay for.

However, there is of course the very odd occasion when even the most reliable and reputable equipment might fail and sometimes it’s due to an external fault. I’m reminded of the Quantas flight a couple of days ago that had a major engine failure – a Rolls Royce engine no less!

We had an unfortunate incident recently with a client for whom we had installed a Daikin air conditioning system. Daikin has been our preferred air conditioning brand since we began (although we do install other brands as well, specifically Japanese brands). They are undoubtedly the best and most reliable. However, our client had a nightmare, the Daikin system had a major problem after a couple of years and he was understandably very frustrated. The chances are it was caused by a big fluctuation in the electrical current, something that’s quite common in Spain.

Perhaps the lesson learned is that very occasionally, high expectations can create bigger frustrations, but that won’t put us off always striving to be the Rolls Royce of our field.

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