Engineering & Design

For any of the services listed – air conditioning, heating, electrics, plumbing, etc –  we can design and install any kind of system that best suits your requirements.

Design is a crucial skill that is often overlooked. It is not simply about having the technical ability to install systems, but often installations can be very complex with all sorts of obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome. That is when a really good design is required before any installing even begins.

Our direct, end-user clients are pleased to know that our studies and recommendations are not only carried out with the same commitment to quality and service as always, but is also backed by the qualifications of a qualified and highly experienced engineer.

Likewise, our professional customers – such as architects, project managers, constructors – are delighted that we can offer them guidance and solutions, including the full carrying out and legalising of industrial installations.

To us, the adding of this service was the next logical service addition to be able to complete the line-up of building services that we offer.


We are fully authorised by the Ministry of Industry to install systems within all the fields listed under Expertise.

We will only begin an installation, once everyone is agreed on the best possible design for the individual requirement. Sometimes they can be straightforward, but more often than not, installations can be complex and difficult.

Our expertise and experience in this field ranges from carrying out complex commercial installations for the likes of The Apple Store to small solar installations for domestic hot water.

We have a reputation in southern Andalucia from Sotogrande to Nerja for doing our installations – solar, all types of heating & cooling systems, electrical and plumbing –  on budget and on time. That’s a reputation we’re keen to uphold!

Repairs & Maintenance

It is a common perception that ‘maintenance’ is some kind of luxury, but we like to prove shut down these myths, it’s essential!

We understand that eliminating costs is crucial for everyone. Regular servicing will save you money both in the short term through higher efficiency (lower monthly bills) and the long term by avoiding the necessity for expensive repairs or replacements, which on the whole, is an interesting investment .

We are authorised by the Ministry of Industry to carry out all types of maintenance to ensure that everything is working to its best possible capacity.

Ask us for our maintenance packages, as undoubtedly we can offer something to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss in more detail and we will be delighted to offer a solution for your requirements.

Energy efficiency

Oasis can offer Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Energy efficiency is in the heart of everything we do. We do not only get a discount at the final bill, also we improve the system's working conditions, enlarging its life.

The less energy leaks, less energy we will spend getting our wished results. This is a basic principle of energy efficiency, but not the only way to achieve it.

At illumination, changing to LED technology, installing movement or lighting sensors you can reduce highly the electric bill.

Also, at complex installations it is more comfortable and economic using domotic systems and/or building management systems (BMS) with which you can obtain the best efficiency possible for each installation.

At air conditioning, the most efficient solution to reduce the consumption is change the old boiler for a heat pump. These systems use pumps and compressors to move coolant trough a thermodynamic cycle, transferring more heat than a boiler while consuming less electric power. Another advantage of the heat pump is that you can reverse the cycle so you can use it in summer to cool the air.

Contact us and get your energy efficiency certificate.

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