Energy Efficiency

energy savingEnergy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do! We know that less energy consumption means less cost, can often mean less stress on machinery and ultimately can lead to a reduction in the required electricity contracted by our client – i.e. a further reduction in monthly costs.

Apart from the obvious energy saving measures that come through better insulation of the premises, to minimise the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable temperature, there are many areas to reduce energy consumption, such as:

– Lighting, by changing to LED bulbs &/or implementing the use of low cost Passive Infra Reds (PIRs) to switch-off lighting when areas are unnoccupied such as toilets, corridors or even office areas out-of-hours. In addition, lux levels can be monitored using daylight sensors linked to the building’s lighting scheme to switch on/off or dim the lighting to pre-defined levels to take into account the natural light and thus reduce consumption. Home Automation and Building Management Systems (BMS) link all of this together in one centralised computer to control the whole building’s lighting and power requirements.

– Heating & Cooling Technology, such as changing an ageing inefficient boiler to a new efficient model can result in substantially less energy use, carbon emissions, and winter fuel bills. Heat pumps can be even more energy efficient and cost effective. These systems use pumps and compressors to move refrigerant fluid around a thermodynamic cycle in order to “pump” heat against its natural flow from hot to cold, for the purpose of transferring heat into a building from the large thermal reservoir contained in exterior ambient air. The end result is that heat pumps typically use four times less electrical energy to deliver an equivalent amount of heat than a direct electrical heater does. Another advantage of a heat pump is that it can be reversed in summertime and operate to cool the air by transferring heat from the building to outside.

Oasis is also able to offer Certificates of Energy Efficiency, now required for the sale of properties.

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