Pool Covers

Any efficient swimming pool heating solution, whether it’s outside or indoor, must include a pool cover to reduce heat loss via the surface area of the pool. Not only can they make huge savings on energy consumption, by retaining heat, but they generally help towards keeping the pool clean. In fact some covers serve to create a safer environment for children and pets.

We have extensive knowledge of all types of covers, including automatic slatted pool covers, solar bubble pool covers, vinyl covers, winter debris pool covers, ‘Heat Retention Pool Covers’ and all accessories relating to them. We deal with the best brands in the industry so whatever your requirement, we can advise and provide accordingly.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic (and semi-automatic) covers are some of the most effective covers around. They are generally made up of slats, generally made of PVC or even extra strong Polycarbonate and not only do they provide great insulation, but they are sturdy enough to support the weight of children, thus providing a much safer environment. They work well to protect the water from dirt and debris, whilst also protecting the water from sunlight, thus greatly reducing the chances of algae growth.

Slats are not just very effective in reducing heat loss, but also provide a great aesthetic finish to your pool. We can install the slatted deck cover with its motorised winding coil system either ‘Above Ground’ or ‘In-ground’ depending on what best suits the swimming pool and your preference.

Our preferred brand is Roldeck, that have a variety of high quality slats, some made of rigid PVC, but also their own polycarbonate (PC) slats which is effectively a “super strong polycarbonate” which is more impact and colour-loss resistant than the standard PVC slats. The PC slats are available as both solar and transparent slats. Not only are Starline products extremely well made, but they look great too.

For more information regarding Starline products, please visit: www.starlinepool.com

Solar Bubble Pool Covers

Bubble covers (also known as ‘Solar Covers’) are one of the lowest cost covers that you can get for your pool. They resemble the bubble wrap used for packing but they are made with a stronger type of plastic and have UV inhibitors built into the material. They can provide an effective help to insulating your pool, retaining heat and reducing evaporation. Evaporation is a big contributor to heat loss.

We can measure and fit these covers to fit your pool, and install the cover with a roller to facilitate easy winding/unwinding along with easy protective storage. The roller is of course optional but highly recommended.

Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are generally made in two different ways. There are ‘mesh’ covers and ‘solid winter covers’. We wouldn’t recommend mesh covers in Andalucia. They are porous, allowing rainwater to enter the pool whilst preventing leaves and other other debris from entering. Mesh covers are more suitable for areas that are prone to snow.

Solid covers are made of thick vinyl and prevent anything from entering the pool. They are very effective at keeping your pool clean and clear, whilst also preventing sunlight from reaching the water, and therefore hindering the growth of algae. There are different solutions for dealing with excess rainwater. A cover with a mesh filter in the middle allows the water to drain away whilst filtering out dirt and debris. The other option is to install an electric pump that pumps excess water off the cover.

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