inside-a-de-filterThere are a number of different filtration systems with different types of filters available. Essentially there are three different types of filter used in filtration systems, which are ‘sand’, ‘cartridge’ and ‘DE’ (Diatomaceous Earth).

Choosing the right system is difficult and yet important because they each have their benefits, but they also differ in terms of the investment up front and the level of maintenance required.

Sand filters are probably the most commonly used, the least expensive but probably the least effective. However, they are still adequate for the average pool owner whilst also being reliable and long lasting. They just need to be cleaned on a regular basis by a process of ‘backwashing’.

Cartridge filters are another popular choice. They are simple and effective, with the basic premise being that the filtering material in the cartridges simply cleans the water before allowing it to return to the pool. Some cartridges are more expensive than others but will last a lot longer.

DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is the most effective of all the filters. If you’re a perfectionist and want your pool water to be crystal clear and perfectly clean, then this is the filter for you. It is commonly said that DE filters “polish” your water for you. They are of course more expensive.

We can advise, supply, install and maintain all types of filtering units and accessories depending on your budget and requirements.

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